Based on years of industry collaboration and academic research, this course covers the latest advancements in safety.

This course has been time-tested and is based on evidence. It's not an opinion or philosophy, but instead rooted in science and proof. If you are a safety professional looking for the next level of safety training, this course is for you.

Block 1 - Fundamentals

Incident Causation, Human Error, Prevention through Design


  • 2

    Block 1 - Safety Fundamentals

    • Block 1 - Summary

  • 3

    Safety Fundamentals

    • Safety Fundamentals, Key Trends and Statistics

    • Occupational Safety and Health

    • Safety in Contracts and Law

    • Business Case for Safety

    • Safety Fundamentals - Conclusion

    • Resource - Fatality Data

    • Resource - Construction eChart

    • EMR Worksheet

    • EMR Worksheet Solution

    • Quiz - Safety Fundamentals

  • 4

    Accident Causation

    • Accident Causation Introduction

    • Accident Causation Case Example

    • Accident Causation Two Component Model

    • Accident Causation Chain of Events Model

    • Accident Causation Reason's Swiss Cheese Model

    • Accident Causation Systems Model and Conclusion

    • Quiz - Accident Causation

  • 5

    Human Error

    • Human Error Introduction

    • Human Error Intended Actions

    • Human Error Unintended Actions

    • Human Error Human-System Interface

    • Human Error Human Performance and Conclusion

    • Human Error Classification System Definitions and Countermeasures

    • Human Error Classification System

    • Quiz - Human Error

  • 6

    Prevention through Design

    • Introduction to Prevention Through Design (PtD)

    • Prevention Through Design Example

    • Drivers for Prevention Through Design

    • Legal Implications

    • How to Implement Prevention Through Design

    • Prevention Through Design Examples

    • Designing for Human-System Interaction

    • Examples of Human-System Interaction

    • Final Consideration and Conclusion

    • Quiz - Prevention Through Design

About Your Instructor


Matthew Hallowell

Dr. Matthew Hallowell is a President’s Teaching Scholar and Endowed Professor of Construction Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He earned a BS and MS in Civil Engineering and a PhD with a focus on Construction Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health. Before his academic career, he worked in construction as a laborer, project engineer, and quality inspector.Dr. Hallowell specializes in construction safety research, with an emphasis on the science of safety. He collaborates with companies and industry associations like the Edison Electric Institute, Project Leadership Institute, Canadian Pipeline Association, and the INGAA foundation. For his research, he has received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award and the Construction Industry Institute Outstanding Researcher Award.

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