Follow a process to evaluate when and how to exercise Stop Work Authority.

We need more guidance beyond "plan for change."

You'll learn the steps to evaluate if a change is significant enough to stop and re-evaluate the plan. Just as important, you'll learn when it's time to restart work.


About Your Instructor


Matthew Hallowell

Dr. Matthew Hallowell is a President’s Teaching Scholar and Endowed Professor of Construction Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He earned a BS and MS in Civil Engineering and a PhD with a focus on Construction Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health. Before his academic career, he worked in construction as a laborer, project engineer, and quality inspector.Dr. Hallowell specializes in construction safety research, with an emphasis on the science of safety. He collaborates with companies and industry associations like the Edison Electric Institute, Project Leadership Institute, Canadian Pipeline Association, and the INGAA foundation. For his research, he has received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award and the Construction Industry Institute Outstanding Researcher Award.


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  • Define and prioritize change

  • Explain why stop work is vital

  • Given a condition, assess if work should be stopped

  • Describe what to do once work is stopped

  • Decide if work is safe to restart



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